Sponsor Dale and Carol's Skydive

On Saturday 9th June two AMAZING people are both going to SkyDive over South Wales to raise funds for The Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal. They are Dale Leach and Carol Fry.

The Charity raises funds to help the families of Welsh Guardsmen who do not return and those who need continued support to adapt to their injuries sustained whilst serving in Afghanistan.

Listen again to Carol's interview with Siany

Dale Leach:

Drummer Dale Leach lost a leg when his vehicle hit a landmine in Afghanistan nearly three years ago. He was serving with the Welsh Guards, who are currently back in Afghanistan.

He was left with brain damage that affects his memory. He also suffered a broken back, fractured skull, collapsed lungs and a shattered eye socket. Dale, 25, had his left leg ­amputated above the knee and has a computerised limb.

Carol Fry:

Carol, a schoolteacher, discovered the Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal whilst supporting The Welsh Guards Band charity CD in aid of the Appeal.

Hearing about thosethe has helped& meeting Dale made her want to support those who havesacrificed in service.

Carol says "To go off and fight in a land so far away, knowing you might not return or that your life could be changed beyond measure, is an amazing, selfless act. I want to say a thank you to all those brave enough to help protect people who cannot protect themselves".

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Carol and Dale would like to thank everyone for supporting them.