About Mark Powell and Smithy

Waking up South West Wales with a laugh every Saturday morning.
It's been described as Cult listening with a mix of great songs from the 80's up to todays hits, local news and gossip and Elsie Sponge who pops in around 8.30 to belt out a well known tune in her own style. If you can guess the song she's singing, call 01792 896964 and you could win some great stuff.

Mark & Smithy can be seen around South Wales hosting party nights and race for life.

Race for life Llanell 2011 (bit windy)

Mark's Profile

Born Mark Arthur Mullard Powell on 21st August 1967, son of a chimney sweep. I spent most of his younger life up a chimney (dad couldn't afford brushes) . Got into radio in 1986, joined the local Hospital Radio station, then went to Galaxy 101 in Bristol, Red Dragon FM in Cardiff, TFM Middlesbrough and other stations in the north of England before coming home to South Wales. My future plan is to work as an underwater basket weaver.

Mark can be heard on The Drive Show Weekday afternoons from 2pm.

Smithy's Profile

Chris Smithy Smith is a local gorseignon lad who started in radio working on Radio BGM Hospital Radio in Llanelli. He left after the boss asked him to play some songs in between the jingles! Smithy was also the resident DJ at Barnhams in Llanelli back in the 90's, Spinning his wheels of steel!

He has always been a fan of the Wave and Swansea Sound and nearly fainted when he got the gig.

His eating habbits are the stuff of legend and has been banned from all you can eat resteraunts worldwide for leaving  nothing for the other customers.

Smithy has several hobbies. Motorbikes, Playing the guitar, grouting and bee keeping.