Let's Ask Roy

Meet Roy - he's my 76 year old step-dad and bless him is a little clueless when it comes to technology. My 2 year old has been teaching him how to use an iPad.

BUT Roy really wants to learn.  After putting your first mission to him of taking a selfie (which I think was a fab first attempt) we've set up a Twitter page for him for you to be able to ask him questions and give him missions to do.  His second mission is indeed to learn Twitter ha! So don't expect quick replies lol.



Listen again to Roy's answers

What is One D?

What's a selfie?

Georgia in Townhill asks about Candy Crush

What's a hashtag?

What's a Transformer (we meant the Bumblebee/Decepticon type!)

What's an iMessage?

What's a Belieber?

What is Facetime?

AND my favourite ...

Explain Call of Duty ......

Cover art for I Want To Break Free

On Air

Donna Alos playing Queen - I Want To Break Free

Have you tried...