Apprentice Week with Gower College Swansea

Claire Scott will be becoming an apprentice with Gower College Swansea

She will find out what it’s like working alongside experienced staff gaining job specific skills!

From Monday 9th March until 13th March, Claire Scott will be visiting the DVLA Swansea, Highgate Day Nursery Morristron, Gower College Swansea`s Kingsway Centre and Engineering department as she finds out about what being an apprentice entails..

Are you an employer? are you looking to offer a person 16 + the opportunity to learn at work.

Benefits for employers

  • Increased productivity and bottom line
  • Improved staff morale and better staff retention
  • Better skills base within the company
  • Funding/grants available in some cases
  • Reduced training and recruitment costs
  • Ability to fill skill gaps

National Apprentice week with Gower College Swansea and Lifelong Learning & Employment Training Service - Working in partnership to deliver quality Apprenticeships together with 96.4FM The Wave.