Badgers Challenge

Badger got challenged to try and pass his motor bike test by the first weekend in December. Each year M and P Motorcycles donate a fantastic item to our Cash for Kids auction. This year is no different except there's also the added bonus of a full 'Rookie to Road experience' too. We'll be starting the bidding for a BMW G310GS  plus training from Rookie to Road With Jeff Kelly Motorcycle training. 

Yes up for auction will not only a Brand New BMW Motorbike but also all the kit and training to get you out on the road safely. Badger has been the set the task of completing the course so you can even go for a spin with him once you've passed your test (as long as Badger passes his!)

Each week Badger will be going through the training. 


And he's done it!!

Have a listen to how Badger got on with his final part of the test! 


In the first week it was off to M and P to get the proper kit required to 'Dress for the Slide not the ride'.

Essential training is of course what is required but before even getting on the bike safety is paramount so Badger was invited upstairs at M and P in Garngoch to get kitted out with helmet, gloves, Kevlar armoured jacket and trousers. 

Then it was across the yard to meet Jeff Kelly for first hand CBT training. 

Training website of Jeff Kelly


Week two and Badger is halfway through getting his CBT Certifcate which means he'll be able to ride a motorbike as a learner on the open road. First though it was time for Badger to go for some 'on the road training' .

Badger said ' Jeff gave me a headset and then we took the 650cc bikes out on the road. The first thing I noticed is how awful the roads are for motorcyclists. The potholes you dip in and out of in a car are treacherous for motorcyclists. This means proper training in how to avoid these without knee jerk reaction is essential. Also as a car driver, giving plenty of braking distance is really important. Have a listen to what Jeff had to say Here

Week 3 

Learn the Rules of the road. This week Badger has his Motorbike theory test and that means going back to the classroom. Find out what happened by listening here


You can bid for the BMW R310 pictured below from 11 am on Saturday 1st December The Waves Cash for Kids Auction day by listening to the Wave and calling 01792 896 964

How about what happens after you pass your test ? Brian Westlake-Toms is Road Safety Officer, Driver Training & Development for the Road safety team at Port Talbot. There's free training days available to for when you've completed your direct access and passed your motorbike test. 


Week 4 and while its great news for the Theory test! Badger has passed!

Badger says 'I'm chuffed to have got full marks for theory but the Hazard Perception is something I would urge everyone to practice lots and lots and lots!' 

Badger takes another step closer with Certificate number 2 in 1 week! 


This week Badgers was back on the bike and the good news is the driving is better - the bad news is he can't work the visor on his helmet!


Badger got back on the bike to get some road experience as he has his Mod 1 test next week. Far from the problems of too much sun this week it was very heavy rain causing problems this week plus random pedestrians walking out into the road (phone in hand) 

The Latest is that Badger has passed his MOD 1 Part of the practical test thanks to Instructor Jeff Kelly. Here what they had to say


Time to get kitted out with the right clothes for Winter. Part of this years auction item is Almost £200 of clothing to go with the training and the BMW 310GS.


Badger visited the clothing department at M and P to see what was in store for you to bid on .. 


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