Can you name these mums celebrity kids?

It's Mothers day on Sunday, can you name these mums celebrity children???

There are a few clues. Have a go! 

This mum's fashionista son has clearly sent her to specsavers (to buy from his range of glasses!)

We wonder if this mum can twerk as well as her daughter?

The GIANT hand lets us know this mums celebrity child is a lad, who regularly makes a Splash!

This mum would have taught her celeb son to make sure his trousers are always pulled up nice and high around the waist!

This mum is responsible for one of the worlds biggest movies stars and also one of the worlds sexiest men.

This mum sent her son is a very specific 'direction'.

This mum has a bit of a controversial son, he's a comedian/ actor and has his verty own specific 'brand' of humour.

This mum wears a lot more clothes than her rebellious instagraming, singer daughter

This mum has a son who's done it all, from starting his career on the Disney channel, to being in a boybond, to a solo artist, to an actor, back to a solo artist, and he's even a comedian at times! (Well he did date Britney Spears...)

The clue is on the cap movie fans



Gok Wan and Myra

Miley Cyrus and Tish

Tom Daley and Debbie

Simon Cowell and Julie

Brad Pitt and Jane

Harry Styles and Anne

Russel Brand and Barbara

Rihanna and Monica

Justin Timberlake and Lynne

Robert Downey Jnr and Elise


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