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Badger reviews the new album from Jamie Lawson Jamie Lawson - Jamie Lawson So the record company marketing speil goes 'Jamie and Ed Sheeran were knocking around London together while trying to get a record deal. They became best buds and the rest is history'. Someone should have told Jamie that as he didn't quite tow the company line when interviewed.

'Well I saw him once at an open mic night' says Jamie, 'and when he was rich and famous for some reason I bumped into him at one of his gigs in Ireland and he recognised me. Either way I'm just happy for the opportunities he's given me'.

Ed Knows talent and when he sees it in abundance like Jamie Lawson he grabs it and signs them up. Ed Sheeran has a host of talent chomping at the bit to get onto the media scene. Ed could have written any of these songs and he could have just lobbed the royalties at the writers and left them to it.

That's not his style but this album IS. As the first outing from Sheerans Gingerbread label it's apparent that there's a lot of love in Lawsons heart and he's looking to share it. A stack of melancholy guitar ballads that aim to simply be a to up for Sheeran fans and t make James Blunt ooze jealousy.

Ed Sheeran fans will love it, I love it. All we need now is for everyone to stop talking about Ed Sheeran and start talking about Jamie Lawson hmmm

Score 9/10

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