Every Day is Payday Competition Rules

How do I en

How do I enter?
You can enter the competition by texting CASH to 65115 (cost £1.50 plus 1 standard network rate message) or online at the bottom of this page.

You can enter each daily draw in line with the maximum number of entries, as detailed in Item 7 of the below Terms and Conditions. We strongly advise against excessive use.

Where we operate any incentive for entrants to receive additional bonus entries for each SMS entry the entry limit cap may change.

When do I enter?
You must enter during the opening and closing times of each draw of the competition. Entry to the competition will open and close as follows:

Tuesday’s Draw: opens at 8:00am Monday, closes at 5:00pm Tuesday

Wednesday’s Draw: opens at 8:00am Wednesday, closes at 5:00pm Wednesday

Thursday’s Draw: opens at 8:00am Thursday, closes at 5:00pm Thursday

Friday’s Draw: opens at 8:00am Friday, closes at 5:00pm Friday

I have sent a text to enter but haven’t received an entry confirmation message
There could be several reasons why you haven’t received a confirmation message. This could be due to insufficient funds, a bar on your account or a network problem.
You will need to speak to your network about this.
•    EE: 150
•    O2: 0344 809 0202
•    Three: 0333 338 1003
•    Sky: 0333 7591 018
•    Virgin: 0345 454 1111

I can’t find the online entry
Online entry can be found on the Terms and Conditions page within the 'Win' section of each website.

Am I’m being charged for receiving texts promoting Every Day is Payday?
No. Any texts that start with ‘FreeMsg’ are free to receive.

I want to stop receiving messages
To opt out of our free marketing messages, just text STOP to 65115 (1 standard network rate message). For full details, please see the terms and conditions.

My network say I am in a subscription and I can have a refund
We do not operate a subscription service, and any charges you have received are for entering our competitions.

How much does it cost to play Every Day is Payday?
Entry via text costs £1.50 (from the UK) plus 1 standard rate message. You must have permission from the bill payer before sending. Online entry is free. 

We strongly advise against excessive use. You can also ask your network to put a premium rate bar on your account, which would prevent you from entering by text.

My text message isn’t sending or is failing.
If your text message entry to us is not leaving your phone, then it hasn’t reached us and won’t be included in the draw. This is something that isn’t under our control, and you’ll need to contact your network in order to resolve this issue:
•    EE: 150
•    O2: 0344 809 0202
•    Three: 0333 338 1003
•    Sky: 0333 7591 018
•    Virgin: 0345 454 1111
To confirm, if this is happening, you won’t have been charged.

I had a missed call, was it Every Day is Payday?
Unfortunately we cannot disclose this information, however it is possible that the call will be from a withheld number. Before entering the competition we would recommend ensuring that you will be able to play at the times announced on air.

I haven’t had a text – what is today’s prize value?
The prize value is announced on air at 8:00am each weekday. This will then be regularly repeated until the draw at 5:00pm each weekday.

If this hasn't answered your question, full terms and conditions can be found below.
Every Day is Payday Terms and Conditions
These Competition terms and conditions should be read together with, and are in addition to, Bauer Radio Limited’s standard terms and conditions at: http://www.bauerlegal.co.uk/radio-competition-terms.html (the “General Terms”). Together these specific competition terms and conditions and the General Terms shall be referred to as the “Terms”. Where there is a conflict between these terms and the General Terms, these terms shall prevail.

“Every Day is Payday” running from the Start Date to the End Date as set out below (the “Competition”).

Bauer Radio Limited, registered office: Media House Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, United Kingdom, PE2 6EA and registered under company number 01394141 (the “Promoter”)

This is a Network Competition, running across the following radio stations:
•    Peak FM, Pulse 1, Pulse 2, Radio Wave, Signal 1, Signal 2, Signal 107, Swansea Sound, The Wave, Tower FM, Wire FM, Wish FM

Subject to the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions the Competition is open only to those living in the broadcast areas of the above named stations (the “Network” stations).

The website shall be https://www.thewave.co.uk (the “Website”)

Start Date: Monday 25th May 2020 at 8:00am
End Date: Friday 29th May 2020 at 5:00pm

Entries to the Competition will open on Monday 25th May 2020 at 8:00am.

The first round of the competition will take place on Tuesday 26th May 2020 after 5:00pm. We reserve the right to broadcast the Competition at any time throughout each day during the broadcast schedule. As further described below, the Competition consists of multiple daily draws (the “Round(s)”).

After 8:00am on Monday 25th May 2020, the presenter(s) of a Station will announce on-air the Every Day is Payday amount (“Prize Amount”). relevant to the Competition. 

The Prize Amount will be valid for that draw only and will also be the cash prize that entrants are trying to win for that day (hereby known as the “Prize”).

As set out above, the relevant Prize Amount for each day of the Competition will be announced on-air. However, we reserve the right to announce the Prize Amount at any time during the relevant day of the Competition. We may also advertise the current Prize Amount on the respective Station’s website, social media or via an SMS marketing message or via any other medium at our absolute discretion.

After the Entry Period has closed, one entrant from all of the valid entries will be selected by automated random draw and will be contacted by the phone number provided with their entry. This may be live on air or off-air to be played out at a later time on-air. All callers are randomly selected in the same way and any off-air recording will only ever take place after the entries have closed.

If an entrant fails to answer their phone, refuses to play, or if any fault occurs immediately prior to or during the call and it is not possible to re-establish contact with the entrant, they will forfeit their chance to win and another entrant will be selected at random. The decision of the Production team is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

If you are selected, you will be required to talk to the presenter(s) and your call will be recorded and played on-air (assuming there is no breach by you of these terms and conditions).

The entrant who is randomly selected to play will win the Prize on offer for that Round. 

For clarity, each competition Round is separate and the entry pool will be re-set after the conclusion of each Round (i.e. after there has been a winner), meaning that entrants would be required to enter again for any future draws or Rounds if they wished to be entered into the Competition again.

Entry to the first draw will open at 8:00am on Monday 25th May 2020 and close at 5:00pm on Tuesday 26th May 2020.

Following the first draw, entry to the competition will open and close as follows (individually an “Entry Period”, together the “Entry Periods”):

Wednesday’s Draw: opens at 8:00am Wednesday, closes at 5:00pm Wednesday

Thursday’s Draw: opens at 8:00am Thursday, closes at 5:00pm Thursday

Friday’s Draw: opens at 8:00am Friday, closes at 5:00pm Friday

Any entries received before or after the End Date (as stated above) will be invalid but you may still be charged.

The daily draws will take place each weekday (Monday to Friday) after entry to that daily draw has closed (after 5:00pm each day). Once the Entry Period has closed a random automated draw of all registered, qualifying entrants will take place and the Station shall call the phone number provided by the entrant.

Bauer Radio Limited is not responsible for any latency experience or technical fault by your mobile phone network, which may delay or prevent the delivery of your text message to us.

The Competition is only open to people aged 18 and over who: (i) live in the United Kingdom, (ii) are not a Bauer employee or their immediate family (including live-in partner) and (iii) are not an employee of any third-party sponsors or prize providers, or their immediate family (including live-in partner).

You can enter each daily draw a maximum of 6 times via SMS (including free entries) and a maximum of 6 times online for free. Entrants must obtain permission from the bill payer before texting to enter the Competition.

We reserve the right to run bonus SMS entry incentives throughout the duration of the Competition. These incentives will be communicated via the automated SMS response received to confirm your entry.

Where we operate an incentive, the entry limit may change.

Example 3for2 Offer
Once you’ve sent an entry text, you’ll receive an auto-response confirming your entry. You will then have the chance to text: CASH to 65115, again (at a further cost of £1.50 + standard network rate) and you will be entered 2 more times – your ‘3rd’ entry being free. You must do this before the closing time of each daily draw, otherwise you will not be eligible for your ‘3rd’ entry being free.

Entrants are only able to win a single prize throughout the duration of this Competition. There is no limit on the value of a single prize that may be provided to the individual winner of a Competition. However, no person may win more than one prize valued at £500 or more via any of our Competitions in any six (6) month period. A winner may continue to receive SMS messages in relation to the Competition and invitations to enter the Competition. For the avoidance of doubt, a winner should not enter the Competition again if they have already won in the previous six (6) months as they are ineligible to win. If a previous winner is drawn at random in a subsequent competition, or subsequent round of the same competition, they will be disqualified, and another entrant will be drawn at random. If it emerges after a winner has been awarded a Prize that they are a previous winner, in breach of these terms and conditions, they will be excluded and the Prize shall not be paid to them. If the Prize has already been paid, this must be returned immediately upon request. For clarity, it is possible to be drawn more than once to play the Competition between the Start Date and End Date, and if the entrant drawn has not previously won the Prize, they are eligible to play again.

You can enter the Competition by sending an SMS message starting with the keyword CASH to 65115. If your message does not start with the valid Keyword(s), or is not sent to the valid number, it will not be entered into the draw. You will receive an automated SMS response to your SMS message confirming your entry. You can also enter online below.

You are responsible for all costs associated with entering this competition. Texts cost £1.50 (from the UK) + standard network rate. You must have permission from the bill payer before sending. Online entry is free.

Entrants who are randomly selected to play will be contacted personally after the Entry Period as stated above closes. By entering the Competition, you are automatically consenting to being called live on air at this time (where a call is not recorded off-air) and having your name and location announced on-air.

The name and the hometown of the winner may also be posted on the Promoter’s website and / or social media platforms after they have been announced on-air.

The Prize will always be a cash amount that will be delivered to a winner paid in cash, by bank transfer or by cheque.

Delivery or payment of the Prize is subject to the winner providing personal identification and / or proof of address and to internal compliance checks. The Prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged. Payment of the Prize may take up to 28 days.

Where, it emerges after the Prize has been awarded that the entrant was in breach of these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to withdraw the Prize from that winner and they will not be entitled to any further reward or remuneration. We reserve the right to exclude individuals who breach our terms and conditions from entering our competitions.

By entering the competition, you are automatically consenting to receiving marketing communications from us via SMS text message. You can opt out of this at any time by texting: STOP to 65115. This will be charged at your standard network rate but if you do not wish to receive any marketing communications you will need to do this after each time you text us to re-enter the competition. Your personal data will (regardless of whether you opt-out) always be used to process your entry. For further information on this, please see our general terms (link below) and our privacy policy at: http://www.bauerdatapromise.co.uk/.

We will sometimes (at our discretion) telephone entrants and ask them to speak on-air. You have the right to refuse. If you consent, your voice will be recorded and you consent to this recording being used on our radio broadcasts. You agree that we will own this recording and that a copy of it will be stored for further exploitation, which may include promotion. You will not be put through to speak on-air if we think you are driving illegally, intoxicated, likely to swear, or otherwise offend our listeners. Whilst on air for the purposes of this competition you must not use foul language, swear, say or do anything defamatory or illegal or say or do anything which would damage the reputation of Bauer, is offensive or inappropriate or which would cause us, or our listeners, harm. Failure to comply will result in disqualification, and if you have won the prize, this will be forfeited.

We will only accept entries that comply with our terms and conditions and we may disqualify you if we know or suspect that you have breached them. Our decision on the selection of the winner is final and we won’t engage in any correspondence or discussion about this or about the operation of this competition. We are not responsible for any network or technical issues you experience, such as latency of your mobile phone network, which may delay or prevent your participation or cause you to lose the competition if on-air. We have the right to cancel, amend, terminate or suspend this competition if forced to do so due to circumstances outside our control.

The promoter of this competition is Bauer Radio Limited (Media House Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, United Kingdom, PE2 6EA; registered no. 01394141). If you’ve got any questions, please email smshelp@bauermedia.co.uk or write to: David Walker, Bauer Media, Clydebank Business Park, Glasgow, G81 2RX – you should put the competition name in the subject line. We can’t consider any queries made more than 14 days after the date the winner is announced.

Full T&Cs apply. Please see https://www.bauerlegal.co.uk/competition-general-terms-and-conditions