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Drop your boss!

This July, Claire and Leigh are going to DROP YOUR BOSS… and we don’t mean from the company… we mean from the air. Yup, that’s right, from the air on Vertigo at Oakwood Park; all in the name of charity.

It’s been brought to Claire and Leigh’s attention that there’s a little girl in our area that needs our help so they are going to raise as much money as possible to help her and her family and they need YOU and your business to get on board and ‘drop your boss’!

We’ll be asking companies to commit to raising a minimum of £500

join us LIVE at Oakwood Theme Park on Saturday 29th July where you and your colleagues can watch your boss be raised high into the air for an extreme flying experience on Vertigo!

When you come on board as a company you’ll receive the following from us here at The Wave:

  • Mentioned on our website with social media / fund-raising sites promoted to help with your efforts
  • A visit from Claire and Leigh during the month of July at your business to see how find raising is coming along; all promoted on social media
  • The chance for your company / business to come on air LIVE on The Wave’s breakfast show during July with Leigh and Claire to talk about what you're doing to raise money and who will be ‘dropped’ at Oakwood on the 29th!
  • Certificate for your boss and the company after they’ve completed the Vertigo challenge on the 29th July
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