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Sara Williams was a normal, kind and fun loving four year old from Ammanford but in the summer of 2015 her Mum Lisa and her Dad Dorian started to notice changes in their daughter. She started experiencing intense headaches, a super human sense of taste and smell, she became very forgetful and fell over quite a lot. Sara had always been a little clumsy but now she couldn't explain why she was falling. She even became aggressive which she had never been before. She stopped eating and lost interest in things. She had no energy and began to ask to go in a pram rather than walk anywhere. She lost a lot of weight and then began to have fits.

After endless trips to the GP and A&E Drs put her in for a CT scan and in August 2015 4 year old Sara was diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of a clementine on the cerebellum - the back part of her brain and close to her brain stem. The fluid surrounding the tumour was the cause of her symptoms, and she needed an operation immediately or she could suffers stroke, or much much worse. Sara was rushed to hospital in an ambulance from Ammanford to Cardiff in less than 50 minutes and operated on immediately. During an 11 hour operation, the amazing news was the large tumour was removed, in its entirety. But this didn't mean it was all over, this just meant that the family could focus on a lengthy but hopefully full recovery. It was tough for the family and touch and go at times, and of course a real struggle for a four year old. But Sara didn't complain. She just got on with it.

It's now two years on and Sara is still a bit unsteady on her feet and is affectionately called Bambi by her family. She's also called Dory as she is still a little forgetful. Sara is now noticing at 6 years old she is different from other children, she tires easier, she falls more frequently and she knows she's been through something very serious but is struggling to come to terms with it. She still receives help from Kids Cancer Charity play therapist Ann who's been working with Sara through her entire recovery. Sara joined in her first sports day since before her operation on Friday July 7th and she even won a race! She's progressing so well.

so we want to do something a bit special.

All Sara wants is a rabbit, after all she's been through. She deserves some rabbits but also we think we can do better than that. Lets see how much money we can raise to REALLY make a difference in this incredible little girls life! Special thank you to Kids Cancer Charity who brought Sara to our attention kidscancercharity.org

Lisa and her family hope Sara's story will help raise awareness of brain tumours. The Brain Tumour Charity helped Lisa and her family through their trauma. Their Facebook parent / patient pages have been a huge support and a place where you can ask questions, share experiences. The website is www.thebraintumourcharity.org 


Their HeadSmart campaign works to raise awareness of the common signs and symptoms of brain tumour in babies, children and teenagers.  The aim is to reduce diagnosis time of childhood brain tumours. The web address is www.headsmart.org.uk 

Brain tumours are the leading cause of childhood cancer deaths in the UK . Around 500 children and young people in the UK are diagnosed each year. Diagnosis times of childhood brain tumours are longer in the UK than in many other countries. 

At present over 130 different types of brain tumours are known. Although they're relatively rare, brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and teenagers and the biggest cause of potentially treatable blindness in children - 62% of children who survive a brain tumour will be left with life-altering, long term disability. 


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