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Lions Tour 2013 with Ultimate Finance - The funder of choice for Swansea businesses

Looking for fast, flexible and friendly funding solutions that’ll improve your cash flow and support your growth?

Are slow paying customers a constant headache for your business?

Is your growth being hampered by banks that are unwilling to lend?

Would you like a finance partner that really understands the unique challenges of your industry?

Do you sometimes struggle to finance large orders?

Then we’re here to help.

Ultimate Finance specialises in offering a range of accommodating and practical finance solutions for a wide variety of SMEs and whats more we have £5 million of funding set aside for Welsh businesses to support growth and ease continuing cash flow challenges.

Bryn Ible, regional director for Wales comments: "With the economy forecast to grow just 0.6% in 2013, the outlook remains challenging for many SME’s across South Wales and cash flow is the most commonly cited concern for businesses looking to grow. Traditionally funding has largely been supplied in the form of bank loans and overdrafts, but with more than half of first time applicants for a loan or overdraft being refused , many businesses across Wales need help to source alternative forms of finance.

"For most business owners finance is not a specialism, and with the advice available to them constantly evolving, the right solutions can be hard to come by. We want to make the information easily accessible because personal service is at the heart of what we do. We’re keen to get out and about to meet businesses across the region especially with a £5m package of funding now available to boost the local economy in South Wales.”


Ultimate Finance Group has been a leading provider of financial solutions to SMEs across the UK for over ten years. The company is headquartered in Bristol with offices in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Norwich and Lutterworth.

Through its five subsidiaries (Ultimate Invoice Finance, Ultimate Asset Finance, Ultimate Trade Finance, Ashley Commercial Finance and Ashley Business Cash), Ultimate supports SMEs in different circumstances with a range of products and services tailored to each client. This ranges from providing financial support to start ups, helping other businesses survive a challenging economy and releasing working capital for others to prosper and grow by funding their growth with a range of products and services tailored to each client.

In the current climate where bank lending to SMEs is increasingly restricted the benefits of Ultimate Finance's flexible and efficient solutions become even more compelling


Specialist finance solutions for the Transport, Construction and Recruitment sectors are available, with trained staff on hand to advise businesses looking for tailored funding. Additional support ranges from the option of an O-License cash reserve for hauliers to an e-enabled timesheet submission tool for recruiters

To find out more about how our flexible finance solutions could help your business, contact 0800 121 7757 or visit www.ultimatefinance.co.uk

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