Fit for life with Badger

Whether you want to join the gym, take part in a group fitness class, swim or take up a new sport, Freedom Leisure Centre's have got you covered.

Badger has found his 10 recruits to form a 4 week training plan. Thursday he got the chance to meet up with Vicky from the LC which is now one of the Freedom Leisure sites to find out more (click below for more)

Freedom sites across our area include..  LC2 Cefn Hengoed LC, Morriston Community LC, Penlan LC

Bishopston Sports Centre, Penyrheol LC

Across the 4 weeks we'll be finding out what these sites have to offer. 

Badger caught up with the team during the first Synergy class - Have a listen to how they're getting on 

You can try one of the Freedom sites yourself FREE. Get a one day Gym pass to the LC by clicking Here

In week 2 Badger joined the team for a static bike fitness session. 45 minutes of cycling in the air conditioned studio was great fun! Find out what the volunteers thought Here

And here's the team just after (nobody's crying) !

Week 3 and it's time for Body Pump at Morriston Leisure Centre - a slow and gentle(ish) 45 minute workout with barbells and a raised step. (My legs are not my friends today) 

See the pics 

See what the crew thought click here

Week 4 is Boxfit time at Penyrheol leisure centre - time to get on the gloves and box!

Hear what the team thought here

See the pics  

Get inspired, download Badger and Tara's Feelgood Look Great podcast here

Have a listen to Becs story here