Happy New Me 2018

Badger has his 10 recruits to get Fit and Feel fab with Active Swansea Leisure Centres.

Badger with Victoria and Angharad at Penlan Leisure Centre

This week I caught up with Victoria and Angharad. Every year when we do this one of our recruits gets struck with a cold or worse Flu. Angharad has battled all week but thankfully is feeling much better so she got into the gym at Penlan while the rest of us made our way to take part in the circuit training at the centre. I see the teams taking part each week and it looks really tough. Myself and Victoria were joined by Mark and Chris to take one our of fat burning exercise with 40 others. Great fun and lots of calories burned. Definitely worth a try. 

Download the podcast here

This week Badger gets back on the Bike. Indoor Group cycling or Spin as it's sometimes known is a fantastic way to get fit, lose weight and there's no need to get all the lycra, just turn up and peddle. Badger met up with Amy who is one of our recruits and they both had a go at taking part in the class at Cefn Hengoed with Mike and the team. Have a listen to what happened below 

It's week 3 already !

This week Badger caught up with recruits Chris and Mark at their local Active centre Penyrheol. Under the expert guidance of Emma who is one of the centre assistant managers the three of them were assigned the task of taking on Functional PR. Raising the pulse rate is an essential part of building stamina and losing weight. Checkout this weeks podcast and play catch up with the last couple of weeks.


So I met with 2 of our new recruits Carly and Tarron who have some pretty amazing stories on why they want to lose weight and get fit. We have their story in the Podcast (above). There's lots of info on why you need to choose the right food and the right exercise for you. Instructor Steve Thomas gave us a thorough measurement and induction into the gym plus we got to grips with what we want to achieve and some realistic goals for us all. 

Badgers Blog Week 1

This week is was time for everyone to meet up and get to know each other and the dedicated instructors from Active Leisure Centres across Swansea.

Each week Badger will be visiting each of the recruits at their own centres to find out what they're getting up to. You can join in the fun this week too as Active are giving you the chance to get 5 days free membership to experience the classes (There's over 120 each week). Plus there's state of the art gyms, pools and the amazing staff at each site. To find out how to get 5 days free click Here

Meet the recruits