Bloodwise Patient Case Study


Patient Case Study:

I’m Dan.

I was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, in January 2013.

It all started in November 2012, when I went to my local doctor in Wales to get a pain in my side checked out.

All could think about what how to tell my wife the news that I had blood cancer.

As soon as I got home I burst into tears and told her everything.

I’d heard about the side effects of cancer treatment, but it’s hard to imagine what they’re like until you’ve been through them yourself.

Despite this, I knew that in the long run my treatment was doing me good.

After my fifth cycle of chemotherapy, my consultant told me I was in remission, but I had two more cycles just to make sure.

I was overjoyed – I always tried to keep positive as I knew that would help me beat the disease.

Two years on, I still have a few side effects from my treatment, but I’m so happy that I'm here to see my boys grow up.

Sometimes it hits me that I can't run around with them – but if it wasn't for the research done by Bloodwise I might not be here.

Their work is so important in spreading awareness of blood cancer and in supporting and saving the lives of people like me.

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