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Mass Charity Head Shave: World Record Attempt!

In aid of Ty Olwen Cancer Hospice - this is the story behind our fundraising event.

Clare Ellis, a long-term resident of Llanrhidian Holiday Park, was diagnosed with cancer. Months after being diagnosed, Clare initially went to Ty Olwen for pain relief, but stayed at the hospice for 13 weeks and one day.

Clare sadly passed away on 30th January, 2013.

When diagnosed, Clare quickly thought up a list of things that she wished to do and experience, but hadn’t had the chance to. A bucket list, of sorts. Clare and her husband, Billy, went to Spain to give Clare one of the experiences that she hadn’t yet had; a holiday abroad. They went with two other couples and by all accounts, a fantastic week was had by all!

Whilst in Spain, Clare shared her sadness about starting to lose her hair through chemotherapy. So, after a glass or two of wine, it wasn’t long before one member of the group said something to the effect of, “Right! Lets just shave it all off!” And low and behold, that’s exactly what they did. Clare ended the night beautifully bald! And she really did look beautiful; Clare was far happier about her appearance, and looked brilliant with a bald head!

Clare spent the final 13 weeks of her life at Ty Olwen without Billy leaving her side. They experienced first-hand the incredible efforts that all at Ty Olwen made, ensuring that Clare and her family were as comfortable as they possibly could be, in the most difficult of times.

These efforts are not exclusive to this individual case; the staff put in the same amount of dedication to each and every family in need of a helping hand. And to continue to be able to do so, Ty Olwen need our support. Billy, and many others that have gone through similar situations - would like to give something back. Any help goes to ensure that Ty Olwen can maintain their fantastic service, and can provide any families that find themselves in this situation with the same level of loving, caring assistance. We at The Purple Badger believe this is an opportunity for us to come together as a community; an opportunity to empathise with Clare and Billy’s story, to raise money in memory of a loved one, and to be part of something truly special.

We can all have a drink - courtesy of Molson Coors! - to help us pluck up the courage to shave off our hair! It’s only hair, after all. And who knows, we might all end up looking better for it! Even if it is just for one day in little old Gower, on Monday 31 August we want to make it feel like having a bald head is the most normal thing in the world.