One Punch Ruins Lives

Support the ‘One Punch Ruins Lives’ with Safer Neath Port Talbot and Safer Swansea Partnerships together with 96.4 FM The Wave

One stupid, drunken punch is all it takes to ruin your life.

    Here are some of the possible effects on your life:
  • Criminal record
  • Banned from foreign travel
  • Lose your job or education placement
  • Feelings of regret and guilt that won’t go away
  • Seriously hurting or killing your victim
  • Banned from pubs and clubs

And that nagging voice in your head repeating the same message ‘you should’ve walked away, you should’ve walked away, you should’ve walked away’.

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Ospreys on board with the campaign

See pictures of the players Dan Biggar, Ben John and James King recording the promotional trails here!

Victims of Crime

Safer Swansea and Safer Neath Port Talbot (police, council, health, fire, probation and others) have teamed up with Swansea Sound and The Wave and The Ospreys rugby team to bring to you the One Punch Ruins Lives campaign.

While most people enjoy a night out safely and sensibly, there are a small number of individuals who become violent or abusive after too much alcohol or drugs. They would never behave in such a way when sober but become a different person after a drink. It is these people we are targeting.

We want people to recognise that drunken violence is stupid, pointless and dangerous. Think about your actions…drink a bit less, don’t take drugs, look after one another and most importantly…#WalkAway from any trouble.

To promote the #WalkAway message and attempt to change people’s behaviour come and see us out and about at our roadshows!

Healthy Cities Help Point

The Help Point vehicle is used in Swansea City Centre on key dates identified as potentially busy nights.

It is parked within Castle Square from 9pm onwards providing a safe and useful contact point in the city centre.

Friendly staff from the police, council, health and voluntary sectors are on hand to provide people with the help they need.

The Help Point’s overall role is to ensure city centre residents and visitors safely enjoy a night out in our vibrant city. It also relieves pressure on our paramedics and hospitals.

Help on offer includes:

  • Assessment and treatment by paramedics
  • A place to report minor problems ie. Lost property
  • Somewhere to safely take a rest
  • Preventative health work through the sale of ponchos to keep people dry and comfortable and flip flops to prevent joint injuries
  • Getting vulnerable people home safely by calling their family/friends to collect them
  • Drug and alcohol information
  • Police enforcement, where necessary, to address any crime or anti-social behaviour in the area

Since April 2012 the Help Point has:

  • Helped 346 people
  • Prevented 50 ambulances from being called by giving treatment on site
  • Helped over 30 people get home safely
  • Confiscated 150 bottles of alcohol

Take a look at the statistics!

  • A large proportion of violence committed in Swansea Neath and Port Talbot is alcohol-related. In July – December 2012 46% of assaults were alcohol-related
  • Most violence happens on a Saturday night, with additional peaks on a Wednesday and Friday night. 59% of assaults occurred on a Saturday night/ Sunday morning into the early hours of Sundays
  • During February 2013, 61% of all assaults with injury which occurred in Swansea City Centre were detected. This equates to six out of every 10 persons responsible for violent offences in Swansea City Centre were held accountable for their actions.
  • On a busy Saturday night Swansea City Centre sees around 20,000 visitors. On average there are 20 violence offences. While violence is never acceptable, it is minimal in comparison to the number of people who enjoy a safe night out in Swansea.
  • South Wales is safer than it has been for decades, with crime levels the lowest since the early 1980's. Figures for the 12-month period up to September 30th 2012 show that crime fell by 4.9% compared to the year before, marking the lowest recorded figures for 30 years.

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