The Force Perspective

Force Perspective

Latest crime figures published on Thursday 24th January reveal that South Wales communities are safer than they have been for decades, with crime levels the lowest since the early 1980's.

Figures for the 12-month period up to September30th 2012 show that crime fell by 4.9% compared to the year before, marking the lowest recorded figures for 30 years.

This is equivalent to 4,375 fewer victims of crime or around12 fewer victims every day in the force area.

Thefts of motor vehicles again dropped significantly by 12.5%; criminal damage is down by 13.6% with 2318 fewer victims while robberies dropped by 5.6%.

There were some areas where crime levels showed an increase including a 6.1% rise in burglaries. However, more recent figures indicate that this is a temporary increase and the next statistics will show the resumption of the downward trend in this crime category.

In a statement issued to the media today (24th January 2013), Assistant Chief Constable Julian Kirby said:

"Today’s figures show that crime in South Wales is at its lowest for 30 years– something we are very proud of.

"Anyone who commits a crime, including those people who repeatedly offend, need to know that they will not be left alone.

"We remain focused on arresting criminals and putting them in court. This includes dealing with people who behave antisocially in our communities.”

"It is very distressing to become a victim of crime and any increase in figures is disappointing. However, steps have been taken to redress this and every indication is that more recently these figures are reducing again,” added Mr Kirby.

"I commend all of our staff who have worked very hard to produce these results despite a major reduction in the resources available to the Force.

"Statistics, however positive, are not everything and we will continue to work hard to address our biggest challenge which is to make people feel safe.”

Alun Michael, Police and Crime Commissioner said:

"The continued drop in crime is a great result for us and for the communities we serve.

The hard work of officers and staff, under the direction of Chief Constable Peter Vaughan, has made sure that despite the financial challenges we face, crime has continued to fall. I know that this will continue in the future."

Please continue to remind our communities to pass on any crime information, suspicious activity or antisocial behaviour by calling 101, speaking to their neighbourhood policing team or by calling Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


Summary of results:

- Recorded crime down4.9%
- Latest figures reveal there were 4,375 fewer victims of crime
- Robbery down 5.6%
- Dwelling burglaries up 6.1%
- Thefts of motor vehicles down 12.5%
- Criminal damage down 13.6%
- Violence against the person down 5.7%



As of 28/02/2013 overall recorded crime in Swansea City, to date this financial year, has fallen by 2.3% when compared to the same period last year. This represents 126 fewer victims of crime within our community.

42% of all offences committed in Swansea City Centre are detected whereby the person/s responsible are identified and either cautioned, receive a fixed penalty notice or attend court for trial.

Tackling Violent Crime is a priority for officers throughout Swansea Neath and Port Talbot. A dedicated team of a Detective Inspector, a Police Inspector, 10 Sergeants and 45 Constables have been formed to investigate all offences of violence throughout the area. With reports of more serious assaults being investigated by CID.

During February 2013 61% of all assaults with injury which occurred in Swansea City Centre were detected. This equates to six out of every 10 persons responsible for violent offences in Swansea City Centre were held accountable for their actions.


Examples of recent sentences given at court for violent crime offenders are as follows,

05/02/13 – assault with injury, 16 weeks.

15/01/13 – assault with injury, 20 weeks.

08/01/13 – assault with injury, 10 weeks.

04/01/13 – attempt robbery, 2 years.

18/02/13 – robbery, 4 years six months.

01/02/13 – assault with injury, 12 months.

30/01/13 – assault with injury, 8 months.

14/01/13 – assault with injury, 8 months.

14/01/13 – assault with injury, 8 months.

11/01/13 – attempted s. 18 assault, 20 months.

11/01/13 – attempted s. 18 assault, 12 weeks.

10/02/2013 – s.18 assault, 12 months.