Healthy Cities Help Point

Healthy Cities Help Point

The Help Point vehicle is used in Swansea City Centre on key dates identified as potentially busy nights.

It is parked within Castle Square from 9pm onwards providing a safe and useful contact point in the city centre.

Friendly staff from the police, council, health and voluntary sectors are on hand to provide people with the help they need.

The Help Point’s overall role is to ensure city centre residents and visitors safely enjoy a night out in our vibrant city. It also relieves pressure on our paramedics and hospitals.


Help on offer includes:

  • Assessment and treatment by paramedics
  • A place to report minor problems ie. Lost property
  • Somewhere to safely take a rest
  • Preventative health work through the sale of ponchos to keep people dry and comfortable and flip flops to prevent joint injuries
  • Getting vulnerable people home safely by calling their family/friends to collect them
  • Drug and alcohol information
  • Police enforcement, where necessary, to address any crime or anti-social behaviour in the area

Since April 2012 the Help Point has:

  • Helped 346 people
  • Prevented 50 ambulances from being called by giving treatment on site
  • Helped over 30 people get home safely
  • Confiscated 150 bottles of alcohol