The statistics!

Take a look at the statistics

  • A large proportion of violence committed in Swansea Neath and Port Talbot is alcohol-related. In July – December 2012 46% of assaults were alcohol-related
  • Most violence happens on a Saturday night, with additional peaks on a Wednesday and Friday night. 59% of assaults occurred on a Saturday night/ Sunday morning into the early hours of Sundays
  • During February 2013, 61% of all assaults with injury which occurred in Swansea City Centre were detected. This equates to six out of every 10 persons responsible for violent offences in Swansea City Centre were held accountable for their actions.
  • On a busy Saturday night Swansea City Centre sees around 20,000 visitors. On average there are 20 violence offences. While violence is never acceptable, it is minimal in comparison to the number of people who enjoy a safe night out in Swansea.
  • South Wales is safer than it has been for decades, with crime levels the lowest since the early 1980's. Figures for the 12-month period up to September 30th 2012 show that crime fell by 4.9% compared to the year before, marking the lowest recorded figures for 30 years.