Victims Stories

Victims Stories

One stupid punch can have a devastating effect on victims. Worst case scenario one punch could kill. If not kill, there could be brain damage or permanent scarring.

It is not just the physical damage that affects victims. They can suffer loss of confidence and self-esteem. The psychological scars can not be seen but could be with the victim for the rest of their life.

Read victim's stories below from Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot to see the effect of violence on their lives.

If you are ever faced with aggression or violence remember these stories and #WalkAway.

Luke aged 19 years

Unprovoked assault at Reflex. Waiting at the bar. Unknown male punched him in face. Broken nose.

"Still can't believe what happened. I didn't even know the guy. The punch came from nowhere. I haven't been into a pub since the assault and I'm still having treatment on my nose. I feel sick whenever I think about the assault."

Victoria aged 18 years

Assaulted by boyfriends ex girlfriend. Bite to cheek and lose of hair.

"I'd never met or seen her before and this was only the second time I had been out with Craig. She must have followed me into the toilet area. She started shouting abuse. I didn't even know it was directed at me. Within second she lunged at me and began pulling my hair. I felt pain in my cheek and when some other girls managed to pull her from me, I noticed blood on my hands. I needed 4 stitches to my cheek, tetanus injection and blood tests to ensure I hadn't caught hepatitis or some other horrible disease. Every time I look in the mirror I'm reminded of that night. The scar is prominent. I've lost my confidence, feel unattractive and ashamed, even though I did nothing wrong"

Tom aged 25 years

Unprovoked assault by two men. Loss of tooth, stitches to lips and mouth area and fractured jaw.

"What started as a great night out turned into a nightmare. I still can't eat properly and will probably need another operation to my jaw. Two onto one, that's what's more shocking than anything. I keep wondering Why me. It's on my mind all the time. I just can't understand it."

Shaun aged 22 years

Assaulted at taxi rank. Punched in face.

"I was just waiting in line with my girlfriend. The chap behind kept pushing us forward. All I did was ask him not to push. The next thing I knew was that I was on the floor having been punched to the face. He just ran off laughing. My girlfriend was crying and other people in the queue were comforting her and helping me to my feet. It's sickening and upsetting that a stranger can do this and think it's funny. It's really affected me. I'm so wary and don't like being in crowds or with strangers. My girlfriend is terrified whenever we go out."