#Walkaway campaign

Swansea City Centre Night Time Economy drop off area

The drop off area is for vehicles that are dropping off people into the cities night time economy, predominantly used for out of town coaches, minibuses, taxis, limos etc.

The site is located on the Strand adjacent to Wind Street (see here for exact location) and is open on Fridays 19:00hrs to 03:00hrs and Saturdays from 19:00hrs to 04:00hrs.

Police officers "meet and greet” the vehicle and welcome the passengers to Swansea, establishing where they have come from and what time they are being collected. Officers remain on the site through the night to ensure that all persons who are dropped off or who are returning to be picked up are safe and well behaved. Those that are heavily intoxicated are turned away and not allowed into the city.

Customers to the site will find portable toilets, recycling bins for their bottles & cans, bus shelters, enhanced lighting and CCTV.

Positive feedback has been received from many coach operators who find that using the site is far easier for them and safer for their customers.

The site has now run since August 2012 and has had almost 2000 vehicles use the site dropping off nearly sixteen thousand people. 


The need for the site stemmed out of the popularity of Swansea being a thriving night-time economy attracting people from far and wide. This resulted in transport operators dropping their customers in numerous locations throughout the city, this resulted in pockets of minor issues appearing at these locations, i.e. litter, open urination, people crossing busy roads, vehicles blocking the road for other road users.