Karen Williams Case Study

Heavily pregnant, Karen Williams was enjoying a shopping trip at Neath town centre when suddenly and for no reason, her energetic eighteen month old had a seizure.


Alyssa was rushed to Morriston Hospital where a team of staff were waiting. She was put on a life-support machine and underwent a brain scan but her condition was not improving and a decision was made to transfer Alyssa to the University Hospital for Wales.


On route, Alyssas’ heart started to fail as her blood was too thin due to the amount of the fluids and penicillin being pumped into her body. In the back of an ambulance Alyssa received an emergency blood transfusion; this transfusion saved her life and got her to the hospital alive.


Once again an amazing team of staff were on hand.


On a life-support machine and with tubes coming from her, there were fears Alyssa may not last the night. The family could only wait and hope.


Under the care of the medical experts, little fighter, Alyssa survived her ordeal. She is now a busy toddler and a big sister to baby Sam.


Her parents are regular blood donors and added "After you leave a blood donating session you forget that your donation is heading towards a hospital. Thanks to the kindness of donors, blood was there and on hand when Alyssa needed it”