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“I don’t have the answers. None of us know what the future holds for us right now, and yet I can see every single one of us (including my horse) just “doing our best”, just “getting on with it” and just “trying to find the positives” in each day.

So I thought I would share some of the things I have learned through these years of research, from my own research and also of those that have inspired me - not in the hope that it provides magical solutions but perhaps because I hope it will remind us all of how we are all just trying to cope in our own ways, with our own unique fears and anxieties.”

Click here to read an article from Dr. Ceri Phelps on how best to manage anxieties and worries during these uncertain times.

Daily Routine

Struggling with your daily routines? Here are some tips from Amy Bendall, MSc student in Applied Social & Health Psychology at UWTSD.

Social Media and News

Are you getting anxious watching the news? What about social media? Katie Sullivan, PhD student in Social and Political Psychology at UWTSD is here to help!

Stress and anxiety during lockdown

Listen below for Dr. Ceri Phelps' chat with Leigh and Claire on dealing with anxiety during lockdown.

The Institute of Education and Humanities: Psychology & Counselling

The Institute of Education & Humanities combines the disciplines of education, psychology, social policy, youth and community and humanities.

Accredited by the British Psychological Society, UWTSD’s Psychology courses provide students with a combination of psychological knowledge, real-world application and practical skills development.

Watch the videos below from Dr. Ceri Phelps and Dr. Paul Hutchings to find out more about the Psychology and Counselling courses offered at UWTSD.

Dr. Ceri Phelps

Dr. Paul Hutchings

Dr. Ceri Phelps

Dr. Paul Hutchings

Check out information on the Psychology and Counselling Virtual Open Evening! More Info

The Institute of Management and Health

The Institute of Management and Health is committed to developing creative, skilled and employable graduates.

Great attention is given to student’s personal, professional and educational journey; providing flexible opportunities for study on programmes created with industry and the public sector.

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