Victims Seek Help

Bullying has always been a concern for young people.

It is the second most common reason for young people to contact ChildLine.

30,387 young people who were counselled cited bullying as their main concern in 2012/13. A further 14,379 mentioned bullying as an additional concern. Therefore bullying was mentioned in 44,766 counselling sessions – an 8 per cent increase since 2011/12.

Some of the most common forms of bullying mentioned by young people were bullying about difference/physical appearance (6,553 counselling sessions), cyberbullying (4,507 counselling sessions) and racist bullying (1,451 counselling sessions).

The Wales service counselled a total of 3,865 young people about bullying/online bullying.

Des Mannion, head of NSPCC services for children and families in Wales is welcoming the 'Hear My Voice' campaign.

ChildLine have shared some of the exchanges they have had with individuals who have contacted them about the issue. All names and potentially identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of the child or young person.

"I'm really worried and don’t know what to do. This girl has been spreading rumours about me on my social network site. She's been telling everyone I'm a lesbian and it's not true. Other people have been joining in too and it's really upsetting me. I tried to report it but nothing has been done. I don't know who to turn to now. - Teenage female

I’m being bullied and threatened by people. I spoke to a teacher about what was happening but they said because it wasn’t going on in school there was nothing they could do. I know my parents are worried about what is happening so they’re trying to resolve the issue but so far it hasn’t helped. I’ve had enough with it all. - Boy, 12-15

"I feel really depressed and like I want to fade away. I have no one to talk to and no one understands what I'm going through.... Everyone tells me to ignore it, but it really upsets me that someone would say such awful things. I don't know what to do" - Young female

"Someone is bullying me. I met them online on this gaming website and we were friends at first, but then it all turned nasty. He says some really bad stuff to me and makes me feel so rubbish about myself. - I don't know what to do" - Young male

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