150 Years Behind Bars For Drugs Gang

Network covered South Wales and several English cities.

20 men were arrested and brought to justice as part of Operation Jackdaw, a Tarian operation targeting a conspiracy involving the supply and distribution of Heroin.

Sean Doolan, 32, ran an Organised Crime Group (OCG) based in Liverpool which was involved in the distribution of 150 kilograms of Heroin to various parts of the United Kingdom worth an estimated street value of £14 million.

The distribution network of the OCG included Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester, Plymouth and Hartlepool.

Doolan employed a network of couriers to distribute the heroin and deliver cash from the customers to him and his trusted lieutenant Francis Westhead in Liverpool. The couriers made in excess of 60 journeys to Liverpool over a seven month period.

Detective Inspector Grant Wilson of Tarian, said: “There is a human cost to the trade of supplying drugs, and we will work tirelessly to stop this.  I cannot over-emphasise the dangers of heroin and the harm it can cause to the community as a whole.  It is good to know that these criminals are now behind bars and unable to continue profiting from the misery their trade brings to our neighbourhoods.

“Tarian will continue to work tirelessly alongside other law enforcement agencies to target those involved in the illegal drugs trade and bring them before the Courts.

“I urge anyone with information or suspicions to call 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, to tell us what they know. As this case shows, someone who is perceived to be a small-time criminal can often be linked to a much larger operation, and the smallest bit of information can sometimes be the missing piece of the puzzle for our officers.”




·Sean Doolan (Liverpool) – Pleaded Guilty                                     14 years

·Francis Westhead (Liverpool) – Pleaded Guilty                              11 years 4 months

·Nicholas Evans (Plymouth) – Found Guilty following trial               15 years

·Raymond Lee (Plymouth) – Pleaded Guilty                                     10 years

·Kieran Lewis (Newport) – Pleaded Guilty                                         10 years 8 months

·Spencer Killoran (Newport) – Pleaded Guilty                                   14 years

·Salman Ali (Newport) – Pleaded Guilty                                             9 years 7 months

·Ryan Gifford (Caerphilly) – Pleaded Guilty                                       8 years

·Benjamin Morgan (Newport) – Pleaded Guilty                                  6 years

·Dominic Serafin (Newport) – Pleaded Guilty                                     2 years

·Jan Serafin (Newport) – Found Guilty following trial                          3 years 6 months

·Robert McLean (Newport) – Pleaded Guilty                                      3 years 4 months

·Ryan Morgan (Newport) – Pleaded Guilty                                         3 years 4 months

·Harri Pullen (Newport) - Found Guilty following trial                          5 years 6 months

·Andre Harrison (Gloucester) – Pleaded Guilty                                 13 years 7 months

·Dale Millar (Gloucester) – Pleaded Guilty                                         7 years 2 months

·Mohammed Yousef Ali (Cardiff) – Pleaded Guilty                             9 years 7 months

·Craig Morgan (Cardiff) – Pleaded Guilty                                           6 years 8 months

·Jason Underwood (Newport) – Pleaded Guilty                                 8 years

·Samuel Lewis (Newtown) – Pleaded Guilty                                      3 years 6 months


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