999 Hoaxer Facing Jail for 'Murder' Call

He said he witnessed a murder - and caused a house to being stormed by armed police

A Swansea man faces being jailed after a hoax 999 call telling police he had witnessed a murder - and causing a house to being stormed by armed police.

Baruch Ben-David, 48, was drunk when he rang police from a petrol station to report a murder had taken place at a nearby home.

An armed and air operation was launched following the call, leading to a home in Townhill, Swansea, being stormed.

Police leaped on and handcuffed a man at the property - and a woman who was also there needed medical attention because of the shock.

Prosecutor Lisa Jones said: "The defendant had gone to a petrol station in West Cross from where he reported a murder had taken place.

"Clearly the police were deployed, including the use of the police helicopter.

"There was a forced entry by police, which prompted medical attention for a woman who was understandably very distressed.

"Another individual was handcuffed but freed after a short period."

Eventually police realised they had been duped and the call was successfully traced to hoaxer Ben-David.

He pleaded guilty to wasteful employment of police resources, as well as older charges including theft, failing to surrender to bail, and commissioning offences while subject to a conditional discharge.

Craig Harding, defending, said Ben-David was "educated to a high standard and has two degrees", and called the hoax "out of character."

Ben-David, from Mount Pleasant, Swansea, was remanded in custody by Swansea magistrates ahead of sentencing on March 14.


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