Anger at Plastic Littering Our Streets

Residents blaming new pink recycling bags

Swansea Council's new plastic recycling bags are being criticised for littering the streets with bottles and other plastic rubbish.

The new pink reusable bags were rolled out across the city last year.

They replaced the original plastic bags, which were also facing problems, mostly in stormy weather when they were blown across roads.

And so, the weighted plastic bags were introduced.

But we've had complaints from residents, who say plastic waste is falling out of these bags and littering gutters, pavements and gardens across the city.



We've had this response from the council: "The new bag scheme for plastic has been operating in the city since August and we have had very few issues with plastic spillages. 

"The reality is that we collect from more than 100,000 homes in the city and the problems reported recently are a very low percentage and mainly follow stormy conditions. 

"Later collections over the Christmas period coupled with severe weather, a seasonal increase in plastic waste (50% some days) and the possibility that some households are putting their bags out too early have all contributed to some plastic spilling on to the street. 

"Where it's possible, collection crews will retrieve some of the waste and in other situations we will send street cleansing teams to collect larger quantities."

If you're in doubt about what to recycle in these bags, here's a list of dos and don'ts:


Clean plastic food trays
Loose plastic bottle tops and caps
Plastic margarine/ice cream tubs
Plastic yoghurt pots
 Plastic bottles 


Bubble wrap
Cling film
Crisp packets and chocolate wrappers with metallised plastic (shiny) insides
Dirty items 
Electrical or electronic items
Film lids (such as from microwave meals)
Larger items (such as garden furniture)
Plastic bags and carrier bags

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