Axe To Fall On Withybush Hospital?

A leaked report has led to Plaid Cymru AM Simon Thomas tabling an emergency question at the Welsh Assembly.

Plaid Cymru has shared information with us focusing on a document they've seen from Hywel Dda University Health Board. 

Options involve closing or removing services from Carmarthen and Llanelli in Withybush, Glangwili and Prince Philip Hospitals according to the proposals.

Plaid Cymru, Mid and West AM, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs Simon Thomas said: "These leaked documents once again call into question the commitment of the Labour government into providing a health service for rural Wales and in the west. 

"Hywel Dda health bosses appear obsessed with service change and re-organisation rather than getting on with the job of running health services. It's only a few years since the last set of major changes, justified on the grounds of 'sustainability' and allegedly for the long term. 

"Now once again the board are considering more changes.Trying to have a health service with no hospitals locally is something no other country would even attempt, but that doesn't appear to stop this relentless ideology of pretending you can deal with an elderly population by substituting hospital beds in exchange for a few extra community health staff with ipads.

"Plaid Cymru have a long-term health plan to recruit more doctors and nurses for the Welsh NHS including our hospital services."


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