Bonnie Wants To Book Big Swansea Gig

EXCLUSIVE from welsh superstar Bonnie Tyler

Welsh superstar Bonnie Tyler has told The Wave and Swansea Sound she is very eager to perform for her fans in Swansea.

The 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' singer is celebrating 50-years of performing with the release of her first new album in six years.

'Between the Earth and the Stars', which will be released in March, includes duets with three knights of the realm; Sir Rod Stewart duetting on ‘Battle of the Sexes’, Sir Cliff Richard on ‘Taking Control’ and Sir Barry Gibb penning ‘Seven Waves Away’.

And Bonnie has a busy year ahead...

The 67-year-old is embarking on a European Tour from May with performances set for Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

The Skewen-born star is singing at the sold-out 'Rock the Castle' concert with Status Quo at Pembroke Castle in June and will also perform at the 'Feels Like Summer Festival 2019' at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff in July.

'It's like my back garden!'

So The Wave & Swansea Sound noticed there are no Swansea dates on Bonnie's special 50 year celebration calendar, so we got in touch and asked her why.

It turns out Bonnie's absence from gigging in the city she lives just a stone's throw away from (in Mumbles) is because she just has not be asked!

Bonnie said, "You know people say to me why don't you do any shows in Swansea? Well, you know, I don't get asked. It's as simple as that.

"I would love to do the gig I did many years ago in Singleton Park, it was brilliant and the atmosphere was awesome.

"It's like my back garden you know!

"I would love to do it again so if anyone listening has any influence over who is making bookings for Swansea's Park, mention my name please!"

The last time Bonnie performed in a big Swansea gig was at Singleton Park in the early nineties where her brother Paul's band 'Sunshine Cab Co' also played.

Her only other notable performance in the city was in April 2009, when she recorded the title song for Mal Pope's new musical 'Cappuccino Girls', and performed the song at the opening night at the Swansea Grand Theatre.

Bonnie has never been one to deny her roots and the release of her new album is a celebration of where it all began.

Bonnie said of the album, “I started singing in April 1969 and worked six nights a week for seven years before being discovered by a talent scout named Roger Bell.

"He came to Wales from London to listen to a male singer he had been told about, but there were two floors in the night club and as he walked in he heard me singing instead!

"That was the beginning of my wonderful journey.

"I’ve performed all over the world, and still love hitting the stage and entertaining my fantastic fans.

'I am so lucky'

Bonnie told us getting the chance to record a duet with Sir Rod Stewart was like a dream come true and it was all set-up by her good friend Sir Cliff Richard.

"I wasn't in touch with Rod Stewart. People seem to think if you are in the music business you know everybody but I don't mix socially with many other artists.

"But Cliff Richard is a good friend of ours and he invited us to his holiday home in Barbados last January and then we were invited to lunch with some friends.

"It was being hosted by Rod's oldest school friend who he is still very much in touch with. Rod was best man at his recent wedding.

"I said I would love to do a duet with Rod. And he (Rod's friend) said well, you write an email, and I will pass it on to Rod.

"So I waited until I found the right song - 'The Battle of the Sexes' - and I thought this is the song for me and Rod.

"So I expected his friend to get back to me and say he wasn't interested but the very next day Rod got back to my email personally and said yes he would love to do it.

"We weren't together when we recorded it because he was in American and I was in London or I was in Portugal and he was in London.

"So my producer went to his house in Essex and he recorded it there.

"I am so proud of it, it sounds amazing. It will probably be the second single after 'Hold On'."



Quick-fire questions with Bonnie

We threw a few questions Bonnie's way to find out some things we didn't already know about the welsh singer.

Q: Favourite song you have ever recorded?

A: That's a tough one, there have been so many, I love them all. 'Lost in France' was the very first hit single I ever had so that has a special place in my heart.

Q: If you could go back in time and record a duet with anyone, who would it be?

A: Janis Joplin. She inspired me so much as I was beginning to get interested in music in my late teens. I never agreed with her lifestyle. I have never taken drugs. I enjoy a drink but that is it. I like my red wine.

Q: Do you get stage fright?

A: I have one small Jack Daniels before I go on stage. A Jack Daniels and a Red Bull. That is my ritual before I go on stage and I am ready to fly!

Q: Would you ever consider switching to a career in acting?

A: God no! I couldn't act my way out of a paper bag. No, no. I know my limits.

Q: What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever said?

A: There was once a rumour that I walked into a club wearing nothing but a fur coat and my p*b*c hair dyed green [hysterical laughter] I can tell you for sure, where that came from, I have no idea!

Q: What is your most favourite thing you have ever bought for yourself?

A: On my 51st birthday I had my boat. A fifty foot Princess. It is great because a lot of my family come out to Portugal and we share time on the boat

Q: What do you love most about being Welsh?

A: When you are born inWales, you always come home. You go away but love always brings you home. It's just fantastic to just go down around the Gower coast as well. I love to go down to Three Cliffs. When we have visitors we always take them to the Gower.

Q: Who would you pick to play you in 'Bonnie Tyler: The Movie'?

A: Is there going to be one?? [laughter] Oh god I don't know. Bette Midler!

Q: Tell us one thing people do not know about you. 

I believe in myself. My mother brought me up to believe in myself because nobody is going to do it for you.

LISTEN to the full Q and A session with Bonnie here >>


Bonnie Tyler's brand new studio album 'Between the Earth and the Stars' will be released in the UK on the 22nd March and you can pre-order and have a sneak-peak listen at bonnietyler.com now!

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