Brexit Timetable Is A 'Democratic Disgrace'

Plaid Cymru is critical of plans to fast track legislation.

Plaid Cymru has criticised the British Government’s planned timetable for pushing through it’s Withdrawal Agreement Bill, calling it a “democratic disgrace”.

Jonathan Edwards MP confirmed the Plaid Cymru would work with other parties to try and change the timetable for the Bill, as well as amend the legislation itself.

The Party has tonight (21 October) tabled a 'reasoned amendment' to the Bill outlining why they will not support it at this stage, and calling for the inclusion of a say for the Senedd over the legislation and any future trade deals, impact assessments on the proposed deal and the need for a confirmatory referendum.

Reasoned amendments are a way of expressing why MPs choose to reject legislation in the form it was tabled in the House of Commons.

Jonathan Edwards MP said: "We have a proposed exit, but have no impact assessments to tell us how it will effect the communities we represent.  

"Now we have legislation, but only a few hours to read, understand and propose changes to it. This is a democratic disgrace.

"No one can believe that this is what taking back control looks like.

"We will try and change the timetable and make it fit for purpose. That means giving the devolved parliaments a say over this law and future trade agreements, both of which will have a fundamental impact on their responsibilities. It means getting the impact assessments we need to know what this so-called deal really means for the jobs and wages of our constituents.

"Most of all, it means ensuring a democratic end to this process through a confirmatory referendum – a final say."

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