Brexit 'tug of war' blocking Wales's progress says Plaid Leader

Brexit dominates parties' New Year's messages as Adam Price makes case for 'People's Vote'

The Brexit row has been dominating the New Year's messages from political party leaders.

The Labour leader has accused Theresa May of 'making a mess' of the UK's withdrawal from the EU

In his New Year message, Jeremy Corbyn promised his party would work to 'unite this country' in 2019.

Meanwhile Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said Brexit deadlock between the Tories and Labour were a roadblock to Wales's progress.

The party of Wales are campaigning for a Peoples’ Vote in 2019, which their Leader says won't be a re-run of the last referendum

In his New Year Message Mr Price accused Theresa May of wanting the UK “to abseil to a ledge half-way down where we spend the next ten years in a sleeping bag tethered to the cliff face” and Jeremy Corbyn of “fantasies”.

He said:

“We are witnessing a parliamentary tug of war perched on the edge of a precipice.”

The Plaid Leader also poked fun at one of the former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s more notorious moments:

“Others want to recreate Boris Johnson’s famous zipwire moment but this time without the helmet, without the harness, even without the zipwire – just two plastic union jacks fluttering in our hands as we crash out of the EU.

“There’s no majority for any of these options. Not in the House of Commons, not in the Welsh or Scottish Parliaments, nor among the people.”

Mr Price claimed the Peoples’ Vote Plaid Cymru are campaigning for in 2019 would not be a re-run of the previous referendum.

“We will win the coming argument not just because the facts are on our side, but because we have the better dream. It is for a new society, a new politics, a new Europe, a new Wales, and a new world.”

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