Busy weekend for local lifeboat crews

Hot weather and high tides saw around 30 rescues in just 2 days for one crew

The Easter sunshine and high tides have been causing problems for lifeboat crews as tourists and locals alike have had to be rescued after being cut off by the tide.

Volunteers with the RNLI in Burryport carried out three rescues on Good Friday evening as people found themselves cut off near Burryport Harbour and Cefn Sidan beach.

The crews brought the first group of fourteen visitors to safety before going back for a second group of six nearby, and then had to launch again to rescue two more people stranded, who had started to try and wade across the river to safety.

Easter Saturday proved to be another busy one for the volunteers.

Two visitors had become stuck in the same place as the previous day. They were taken to safety before another call came in reporting  a group of young people wearing all their clothes had jumped into the water on the beach at Llanelli and were being washed away by the current. The crews rescued three people form the water, who didn't need medical attention.

We spoke to Alun Wells from Burryport RNLI who said knowledge of the tides is an issue for both local people and tourists:

"You need to be aware of the tides although its not easy. You can download or look up tide tables on the internet, or download an app.

"But its having local knowledge of the tide and being aware of where the tide is going to go when it does come in."

Meanwhile Lifeboat volunteers and the Coastguard are warning people walking the Gower coast past to check tide times.

Its after the Horton and Port Eynon Lifebaot was scrambled on Friday evening to rescue a man who had been stranded at local beauty spot, Worms Head.

The  Rhossili Coastguard say there's been  an increase in the  number of people in the  good  weather crossing  the  causeway to Worms Head. 

The man, who had been visiting from Wiltshire, was taken back to shore.  

A spokesman for the Horton and Port Eynon Lifeboat Station said:

‘When  walking  at  or near  the  coast, the RNLI  would advise people, not only to check  the  weather  conditions,  but also to check the  tide  times and to make  sure  that  they plan walks to ensure that they are not cut off by  the  incoming  tide. 

"The  causeway between  the  main land  and  Worms Head  is open for 2 1/2 hours  either  side of  low  tide  and  this needs  to  be  taken  into consideration when  planning  any walk.’        





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