Call to tackle rising LGBT hate crime in Wales

Plaid Cymru say devolving justice to Wales will help protect community

There's a call to tackle a rise in hate crime against people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or transgender in Wales.

Plaid Cymru say the issue needs to be addressed urgently and that devolving justice powers to Wales would help.

Hate crimes against the LGBT community increased by 12%  recorded cases over the last year.

There were  3,932 recorded hate crimes in Wales - the highest yet for hate crime in Wales and a near doubling of figures since 2013. Hate crimes against the LGBT community have increased by 12% from 670 to 751 recorded cases over the last year.

In July, a member of an LGBT club for young people hosted by Caernarfon based charity Gisda was subject to a homophobic attack and assaulted at a bus stop after leaving a session at the club.  Soon after the attack, the youth club’s members said that they felt they couldn't return to the youth club and had enough of the abuse they were receiving.

Leanne Wood AM, Plaid Cymru shadow minister for social justice said:

“Whilst social attitudes and the law may have progressed a lot over the past decades, we remain in in a situation where young people do not feel they can be accepted for who they are in their own communities. They still face daily prejudice, abuse and hostility.

“How can we assure young people that they will be accepted when they come out when we cannot protect them from hate crimes?

“The current ‘England and Wales’ criminal justice system is failing our communities and does not work for Wales. We need change – and full power and responsibility over criminal justice to enable us to build our own system in Wales that fits the needs of our citizens.

“Wales could create a fairer, transformative system that would be a beacon for justice around the world and ensure an integrated approach to tackling LGBT hate crime and protect LGBT people in Wales."

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