Campaign To Help Iraqi Children

Iraqi children play football in bombed ruins in village

The fight to stop three Swansea based Iraqi children and their mother being deported is stepping up.

Bethan Jenkins AM yesterday tabled a question at the Senedd calling for a statement on any urgent representations that the Welsh Government is willing to make with the UK Government about their rejected asylum application. 

Last Friday, we broke the story that 8 people had been refused in total - including seven children and one parent.  Out of two families who travelled to the UK together, only one parent survived. The mother has 3 children aged between five and twelve.

The other four children lost both parents on their journey. Since the weekend they have been granted emergency leave to stay here for two-and-a-half years with their uncle. The family have been given a council house and a crowdfunding page has been organised to help them set up home.


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