Cerys Matthews Receives University Honorary Degree

Swansea University has awarded an Honorary Degree to Cerys Matthews MBE, former lead singer for the multi-million selling rock band, Catatonia.

Matthews was presented with the award during the degree ceremony on Friday for the College of Science at the Brangwyn Hall.

On receiving her award, the Catatonia star said: “I am honoured to receive this award from Swansea University. It is certainly gratifying for me on a personal level.

"I could always see the crescent shape of Swansea bay from my window and Swansea University, nestled up on the hill to my left, shared this same view - that of Neath and Port Talbot to the left, Mumbles to the right and the world beyond, off over the sea to the south.

“This recognition is especially satisfying because we have grown even closer over the last few years, celebrating the legacy of a young man who also shared this same vista, Dylan Thomas.

“I love returning to Swansea as a judge for the prestigious Dylan Thomas prize, and feel that, despite the passage of time and economic challenges this city has retained its love of culture, its humour and soul and as for the football, well, 'standing on the vetch field until the day I die' might not be the song they now sing in the Liberty but it's stuck there in my heart.

“I accept this award while acknowledging my thanks to those mavericks, academics, collectors, enthusiasts and teachers who encouraged my curiosity, and continue to encourage others.

“Swansea University and I will have our own journey of learning and this award is confirmation of the importance of that partnership. I look forward to working on the Dylan Thomas Prize in this, his centenary, and on future project leading us up to Swansea University's own centenary celebrations in 2020.”

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