Concern Growing Over Incinerator Plans

Locals say it's too close to houses and a school in the Llansamlet area.

More than 2,500 objections were posted on Swansea Council’s planning site about the application for a state-of-the-art incinerator situated in Clarion Close in Llansamlet from Biffa, the waste management company. And local Llansamlet Labour councillors held a public meeting back in November last year where worries about the incinerator were aired.

“There is continued and growing concern in the area from residents who have made it clear they would not support the opening of an incinerator this Biffa installation,” said Cllr Ryland Doyle.

The four Labour councillors in Llansamlet – Doyle, Penny Matthews, Alyson Pugh, and Mo Sykes – have expressed their extreme concerns about the incinerator, which will have a 25-metre stack and will burn up to 25,000 tons of non-recyclable industrial and commercial waste per year.

In a statement, the four Llansamlet councillors, who have delivered 5,000 leaflets opposing the incinerator and produced banners and posters, said: “We have said all along that this application is totally unacceptable to have in our ward, or any ward for that matter.

“We say it is not right to have this waste incinerator anywhere near to Swansea Vale Nature Reserve, Lon Las Welsh School, and residential housing in Tregof Village and other parts of the ward.

“We can’t understand how Biffa think this is a viable plan because of all the health and environmental concerns that have been flagged up.

“We would urge the company to withdraw the application because the community feel this is not the right place for the incinerator.”

Swansea Labour leader Rob Stewart, who spoke at the public meeting four months ago, backs the stance of the local ward councillors.

“Like the local labour councillors I remain extremely concerned about the proposal to establish an incinerator in Llansamlet,” he said.

“The proposed location is inappropriate being so close to local schools and houses.

“Despite deliberate misinformation being circulated by political parties like Plaid Cymru, the council does not have the legal powers to prevent the operator applying to establish an incinerator at that location.”

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