Council Rapped Over Budget Overspend

Mumbles Community Council overspent by £21,400

Mumbles Community Council has significantly overspent its budget for planning consultancy services.

The auditor general for Wales Adrian Crompton says this means it has failed to comply with its own standing orders and financial regulations. 

The council's overspent by £21,400, which the report says was unlawful.

The reports make a number of recommendations, including the review of:

  • Standing orders to remove any ambiguity
  • Procurement process to ensure compliance
  • Contract terms of reference
  • The council has been issued with a qualified audit opinion.

Auditor General, Adrian Crompton said: “This year alone I have had to issue twelve reports in the public interest, which highlight serious weaknesses in the financial management and governance and Town and Community Councils in Wales. This undermines public trust and can lead to a waste of public money. I call on all Town and Community councils to take heed and learn from the important lessons within these reports so that communities in Wales get the services and the assurance they rightly deserve.”

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