Dog Walking Restrictions Could Be Cut

A plan to review restrictions on Swansea Bay for dog walkers is set to move to the next phase later this year.

Swansea Council asked for views from beach users in the summer about proposals to amend current bylaws which restrict dogs to certain sections of Swansea Bay. 

Thousands of people gave their views on the proposed changes which have now provided the Council with a better idea of how dog walkers use Swansea Bay.

It means more detailed plans can now be looked at, taking into consideration the results of the initial feedback.

The existing bylaw splits Swansea Bay into four sections and from May until September, dogs can use certain sections and are not allowed on others.

The latest proposals could mean the areas currently covered by the bylaw  remain as they are with the exception of the eastern boundary which could move from the pier at the River Tawe to the slipway by the observatory tower. 

In addition to the boundary proposals, the Council is also looking at potentially shortening the period the bylaw is in force and could in future cover the period from June to August.

Mark Child, Cabinet Member for Wellbeing and Healthy City, said: "The initial feedback has provided with us with a much better idea of how dog walkers use Swansea Bay.

"We have taken all the views and comments on board before making any further proposals."Subject to Cabinet approval, we can move forward with more defined plans of how we aim to amend the bylaw.

"Because of the number of stages we now need to go through to amend the bylaw it is unlikely that any changes will be visible during the next bathing season."

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