#DontDanceAlone Wins Top News Award

The Wave and Swansea Sound initiative picked up the Campaigning Journalism Award at the IRN Awards in London.

The Wave and Swansea Sound's investigation into issues affecting older people in Wales has been recognised with a top news award.

Don't Dance Alone picked up the Campaigning Journalism gong at the IRN Awards in London last night.

It's the first time the category has been part of the ceremony

One of the key issues looked at was loneliness and isolation and how damaging this can be.

News Editor Emma Grant picked up the award along with Broadcast Journalist Kathy Peart and Kathryn Lane from Swansea Sound and The Wave's Sales and Promotions team who came up with original concept.

Don't Dance Alone puts the spotlight on age related issues.

Did you know: 

  • More than 2 million people over 75 live alone in the UK
  • Many don’t speak to a SINGLE person for a month
  • Loneliness can be as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes a day

We wanted to raise awareness about the damaging impact loneliness is having on so many lives through a campaign video - you took it to your hearts and made it go viral!

We urged people to get involved in their community and post videos of themselves dancing with an elderly relative or neighbour to show important inter-generational relationships are.


Our news special reports focused on key issues like loneliness, the work being done to tackle the issue, dementia, the importance of intergenerational relationships and health and wellbeing. Lauren Jones brings our first report from the Wave and Swansea Sound's #DontDanceAlone campaign:


Hengoed Court is a nursing and residential care home in Swansea. It is among those trying to make a difference to the lives of elderly people.

Inviting children from a local nursery to visit is one thing Hengoed Court is doing to help.

Kathy Peart brings you the second report from the Wave and Swansea Sound's #DontDanceAlone campaign:


We've found many people have concerns about their finances and being able to afford to put the heating on - and some are worried about being ripped off or scammed.

Whilst others are worried about their own safety in the place they should feel safest - what we've learnt is that reports of abuse is on the rise.

Claire Pearson brings you third report from The Wave and Swansea Sound's #DontDanceAlone campaign:


42,000 people suffer from dementia in Wales.

The Musical Memories Choir in Swansea brings elderly people with dementia and their families together to sing song from the past.

Kathy Peart has this special report from The Wave and Swansea Sound's #DontDanceAlone campaign:


Older people across Wales are living longer than ever before...so what's the secret to making those extra years some of the happiest yet? Our reporter Emma Grant has been speaking to some extraordinary over 65s about what they do to keep fit and healthy. 


Last year the Welsh Government faced calls to move its plans to publish a strategy tackling loneliness before 2019.

It's after an Assembly committee found half a million people are suffering - with charities providing most of the support network.

When its chair Dr Dai Lloyd heard about our campaign he said: " What a fantastic achievement for you at The Wave and Swansea Sound!

"Tackling loneliness is all about unlocking community potential like you have done with your #DontDanceAlone Campaign. Very,many charities all round Wales are doing  sterling work here as loneliness has a huge and hidden impact on our people."


If you want to get involved with our #DontDanceAlone campaign please click here


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