Family Hunting for Much Loved 'Jalopy'

Do you recognise this car?

A woman from the West Midlands is hoping someone from Swansea can help reunite her with a long-lost family member.

We received an email from Mary-Lynne Blackburn, from Kenilworth, asking for our help in tracing a car which belonged to her father back in the 1980s.

She said: "I am originally from Porthcawl but now live in the Midlands. When I was growing up, my Dad had a beautiful Austin A40 which was white with a red roof.

"The car was sold in the 1980s. I would really really love to find the car and bring it back into the family.

"The DVLA can't give out details of the registered keeper but they have said the car hasn't been scrapped but is not on the road.

"The last I heard of the car it was in Swansea and could well still be there - or if not maybe there is someone out there who knows where it could be now!"

Well, we phoned Mary-Lynne to have a longer chat about this much-loved family car.


If you think you know anything about this car, call the newsroom on 01792 894991.

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