Fancy Being Part Of Rugby Movie?

Bollywood Hollywood Productions is appealing for extras for its film Jungle Cry which starts filming in South Wales tomorrow.

Team Sports Masseurs – at various days between 27 Nov and 18 December

Restaurant Scene 23 November 6.30am – 6.30pm Rasoi Indian Kitchen Pontlliw

An airport scene. 24th November 7am-5pm – Cardiff Airport

20 background artists of a mixed crowd aged 17 or over! (could they bring their own luggage and a second choice of outfits)

A hospital scene. 25th November 7am-6am. – BBC Casualty Roath Lock Studios Cardiff

10 background artists (a mixed crowd, all 17 and over, some that look younger also would be great). 

If you want to be involved please email Rob Davies: rob@reechsports.com

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