Farmer Installs Fans To Cool Reindeer

The reindeer at Gower Fresh Christmas Trees have a new way of cooling off in the heatwave

Gower Christmas tree farmer gets creative in heatwave!

A Swansea Christmas tree farmer says he has installed an industrial sized fan to keep his reindeer cool during the scorching heatwave!

Rob Morgan owner of Gower Fresh Christmas Trees says his animals and trees are struggling to cope in the intense and uncharacteristic temperatures we are experiencing in south west Wales.

Britain’s longest heatwave in five years looks set to last for the rest of the week, with water companies urging people to be sparing in their usage.

Porthmadog in north Wales holds the UK record for 2018 of 33C on 28th June.

And Rob told us he adores his 34 reindeer so much he wanted to give them the 'five-star' treatment to make sure they were comfortable.

"At the height of the day it gets very hot for any animal on the farm so we installed fans for them. They usually stand in front of them and seem to like them a lot.

"They just stand their peacefully loving life".

'Five-star Accommodation' 

The Gower Fresh Christmas Trees in Three Crosses is renowned for supplying trees across the country and also puts on a magical 'Santa's Grotto' experience for families during the festive season.

Last year, the farm received the most votes from fellow growers to win the British Tree Growers Association (BTGA) 'Grower of the Year' title, and provided an 18ft 6" Christmas tree to adorn the front of the Prime Minister's home at Number 10 Downing Street.

But, Rob told us while his 34 reindeer are basking in five-star accommodation - with the installation of their new barn cooling-system - his Christmas tree stock is taking a hit.

Christmas Tree Fears

He has lost a third of his 30,000 new crops planted this year because of the drought.

The farm has around 300,000 trees in total but Rob told us if this hot weather carries on for another month, the situation will be serious.

And the process of a tree going from seed to sale is a long one.

"I get my strain from Canada, Fraser Fir seed they are called.

"A nursery in Kent grow them for four years until they get to around 8 inches tall.

"I then plant them they will stay with me for about 8 years before they are ready to be sold. That's a twelve year turn around.

"Another month of this and it will be serious.

"They are sucking as much water out of the ground as they can at the moment.

"In the fierceness of the heat, the new tender bean shoot growths are just getting burnt off by the sun.

"It is just getting burnt as it grows basically.

Rob continued, "Everyone's loving it being out at the beach but spare a thought for us farmers and outdoor workers.

"I have three or four staff out in the field today and they are having to start at 4:30 in the morning because of the heat.

"When it does eventually rain I will be dancing around the field".

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