Indian Actors Can Now Head To Wales!

'Jungle Cry' talks in Swansea: from left to right - actor Julian Lewis Jones, Producer Prashant Shah, rugby legend Jonathan Davies, Sports choreographer Robert Miller and Sports Consultant Robert Davies

14 'Jungle Cry' cast members were initially refused entry to the UK.

They are part of the Bollywood Hollywood production which tells the true story of  the young 'Jungle Crows' rugby team from India.

The consulate has now reversed its decision and all 14 actors will be granted visas in Delhi to enable them to travel here.

First Minister Carwyn Jones stepped into the row at the weekend - because he feels the film will showcase Wales to potentially hundreds of millions of viewers.

He was among many politicians who wrote to the Home Secretary Sajid Javid.

In the letter he says: Dear Sajid,

It has been brought to my attention that 14 applicants from India have been refused entry to the UK after failing to provide adequate evidence of financial stability or employment.

The applicants were due to take part in the filming of the movie 'Jungle Cry' produced by the Bollywood Hollywood Production Company (BHPC) in Swansea Bay from 20 November.

The movie has already generated huge interested in Wales both economically and in terms of raising our profile worldwide, through the storyline which is based on a boys' rugby team from the jungle in North-east India who came to the UK in 2007 and won an international tournament against the odds.

The casting of an extra 60 extras from Wales and South England has already taken place to act as rugby players from the other 4 countries being depicted in the film - South Africa, Namibia, Romania and Germany. In addition a number of Welsh and UK film production crews are planned to work on the shoot.

I have been assured that the 14 applicants, made up of rugby players and their chaperones, will be supported by BHPC. If they are not able to enter the UK, this would have serious consequences for the completion of the film, the economic benefit to Welsh business and damage our fast-growing reputation as a country that welcomes creative industries from across the world.

I would be grateful if you would reconsider the decision on the visa application as a matter of urgency.

Yours sincerely,



We contacted Carwyn Jones after hearing about the 'Jungle Cry' team's visa battle.

You can LISTEN to the full interview here:

The director of 'Jungle Cry' Sagar Ballary has spoken about his incredible experience of shooting a film based on young dreams on a rugby field and the magic of working with kids on the silver screen.







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