FM Issues Warning Against Cross Border Travel

Mark Drakeford urges people in England to "visit Wales later".

First Minister Mark Drakeford is urging people in England not to cross the border into Wales this weekend.

It comes as the RAC predicts 15 million leisure trips will be made over the coming days after lockdown restrictions were relaxed in England.

Among them was the move to allow people to travel any distance for exercise.

Tougher lockdown measures remain in place in Wales with the message to stay home wherever possible.

Mark Drakeford said: "My message to people who are thinking of doing that is that please visit Wales later.

"We are very keen to welcome people to Wales and always have been but now is not the right moment."

The message from the First Minister is shared by Welsh police forces who are urging people from England not to travel into Wales and for people living in Wales to restrict themselves to only essential travel.


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