Footballer Facing Jail Over Car Attack

A soccer player from Port Talbot is facing jail after being found guilty of ploughing his car into eleven young fans after his team lost 5-0.

Lee Taylor, 35, lost his temper after being called "Fatty" by the teenager rivals - and then drove his grey BMW into the crowd after the final whistle.

 A jury heard Taylor “mowed them down like skittles in a bowling alley” - leaving eleven fans aged 14 to 19 injured in the "carnage" on the soccer pitch.

 The violence flared after Taylor played in the football match for Margam against the reserves of local rivals Cornelly United near Bridgend, South Wales.

 Prosecutor Christopher Rees said the supporters from the home side of Cornelly were shouting out at players of Taylor's team before he stormed out to drive his car at them.

 Mr Rees said: “There were around 30 to 40 spectators at the game, most of them young persons.”

Newport Crown Court heard one spectator was “giving out playground banter” to the Margam players and a group of young people crowded around the changing room.

 Taylor shouted: “Do you wanna go?” to challenge the fans of the rival team.

 Taylor then jumped into his BMW and reversed out of his parking space before driving at the young fans.

 Mr Rees said: “Taylor pointed the nose of the vehicle at the group of young persons, revved and raced his engine, his wheels spun and drove at speed.

“He was knocking them down like skittles in a bowling alley - using his vehicle as a one tonne weapon.

“It was an attack which was out of all proportion with the playground banter which had preceded it.”

The court heard some of the injured fans were thrown up onto the bonnet of the car as it careered through them - and some filmed it on their mobile phones.

 The youngest injured fan was 14 - and later told police he was “frozen in fear” and “thought he was going to die”.

Mr Rees said: “The defendant used his car as a weapon to drive at a group of young people. He caused injury to 11 people in the group he drove at.”

Taylor told police: “I wasn’t going to stay and take a kicking.”

In his police interview Taylor said he was called “fatty” by one of the boys - and he feared he was going “to get a kicking”.

Mr Rees said: "He got into his car to drive at the group because he had lost his temper. He knocked them down like skittles.

 Taylor, of Sandfields, Port Talbot, denied the car rage attack and dangerous driving.

 But he was today found guilty of dangerous driving and 11 counts of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent.

 Cornelly United play in the South Wales Alliance League 1st division - the sixth tier of Welsh football.

 Taylor - who was remanded in custody - will be sentenced next month.

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