From Dr Who To Sin City

We've been catching up with Swansea storyboard artist James Iles who moved to Finland earlier this year.

He recently came back home to work with the rock band Pearler on their NEW video.

James is no stranger to big projects - over the years he's been involved with Dr Who, Sherlock, the Hard to Kill movie and the ill-fated reboot of the 1995 film The Crow.

He told us: "My jobs is to basically draw everything that a production wants to film. I get what a director has in his head down on paper so it can be conveyed to the rest of the crew. It looks kind of like a comic strip, but usually much looser and less polished.  It gives information involving camera moves, lighting and the general action of a scene."

James is now based in Helsinki, as his wife is from Finland - but returns to his home city every now and then to see family, friends and work on projects like came back home for the shoot which took place at Sin City in Swansea in the middle of the day - which he said was kind of weird.

He told us Pearler's 'Another Belter' is one to watch in 2019, talking about the single 'Control' he said: "It's a great track from their new mini-album and it gave us an opportunity to try our hand at new things. We're approaching it from a behind the scenes kind of angle, very much in the spirit of early Guns N’ Roses videos, where you get to see a bit of the process of making the video, in addition to the band rocking the s*** out of the song. I’ve been a big fan of the band for a few years. After they provided a brilliant song for one of our films, we really wanted to work with them again, and this was the perfect opportunity to get together with crew from Swansea  including fellow producer Alastair Jenkins, director of photography Christian Bradshaw, and Swansea musician Darryl Sloanes. We also had a terrific lighting designer, David Abra, and the staff from Sin City helped us out a lot with the practical effects- smoke, sparks etc. After attending the FACE/ OFF nights at Sin City for so many years, it was a real treat to be making a music video in there, with my favourite Welsh rock band. I look forward to working on the next one, which we’re hoping to do in November. This time there’s gonna be an asteroid “


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