From Rocking With Gwen Stefani To Meetings At No 10

She loves fashion and music in equal measure - but what made designer and stylist Jayne Pierson walk away from her successful career with a band that had a six record deal in America?

Jayne whose family are originally from Llanelli, grew up in Dallas. Her mother was a fashion designer too. When she was young her mum got a job in the United States of America and they started their new life there. Success followed and soon she was making beautiful costumes for the stars of huge TV shows. Jayne told us:  "Mum actually went to Llanelli Art School when she was 16 and actually graduated in pattern cutting and designing.

"When I was very little we went out to the states. My mum worked with Saks Fifth Avenue New York - then Neiman Marcus as a head designer in Dallas, Texas. 

"Obviously working with Lorimar Productions  was so glamorous and she had all these wonderful glamorous friends. 

"As a young girl you could just see your mum working so hard I thought gosh I don't want to work that hard when I'm older. I want a more 'cushtie' life and be in music or something ridiculous."

Music success 'big surprise'

Jayne's dream of making it in the music industry soon came true. "It was my first love music. I played the viola for ten years in the orchestra. Then I went on to play guitar, piano and singing. I was never a great singer but I loved writing songs and telling stories. I was in a little Welsh punk pop band called Gouge. We got signed by EMI LA for six albums. We had wonderful times doing that".

Hanging out with Gwen Stefani and Oasis

Jayne found herself rubbing shoulders with upcoming stars and partying with some of her idols: "We went on tour with some really big names. We played in the Dragonfly supporting Jesus Lizard - Courtney Love was playing there too. We played TJs in Newport with many bands along with Oasis and Gwen Stefani and No Doubt. We played South by Southwest in Austin Texas. That was a wonderful time. We played with Super Grass, Atari Teenage Giant and the Beastie Boys. It was such a wonderfully hot summer. Everyone sat out ate barbecue and drank beer." 

Making own clothing sparked passion for fashion

"Myself and the bass player Marika we were a bit worried about what we were going to wear on stage. We couldn't afford nice clothes - so we would always buy expensive upholstery fabric and make clothes out of that. It got us known and people would ask can you make me this or that. It was quite an unusual eclectic taste.  It was so much fun I didn't even think of it as a job - I didn't know it was called styling. I just did it for fun really - it was part of the hobby that we did. So to be paid was wonderful and that's how I really got into fashion just by being asked to make things for friends." 

Designing for and styling some of the world's biggest stars

Over the past few years Jayne's work has caught the eye of Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Last year she flew out to Ibiza to work with David Guetta and Kiara and has been asked back out there in again this season. Jayne told us: "Lady Gaga is such a talent - she is undeniable in that she has lasted. Everyone thought she dressed the way she did for shock value and wearing emerging designers. It wasn't that. She wanted to promote emerging designers - like Madonna in many ways empowering young women to dress up and be visible, and be seen and do things on their own terms. I think that is so essential in this day and age - to give a positive message to girls."

Teaming up with Skechers

In February Jayne kicked off London Fashion Week at Covent Garden she said: "London Fashion week is always a huge buzz - is always stressful as well as you are working to tight deadlines and very big budgets. People are expecting and demanding a lot from you so you have got to keep a very cool head. But it is always fascinating and wonderful to see it all come together. And all these talented people that make up the team that work with me - it's so wonderful to work with them and collaborate. We did a wonderful Skechers UK and  LA collaboration this season which went really well."

Flying family around the world on styling jobs

Jayne has a busy schedule but always makes time for her young family she told us: "Basically I am a single mum. I've got two children, thirteen year old daughters and they always come with me. They enjoy it - they've been doing it since they were four. I'm off to New York soon and they will be with me. It is a wonderful thing to do and we spend four days together."

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