Gower micro-business turns discarded fishing nets into bikinis

Surfer Carys Griffiths of Fall Bay Designs wants to turn the tide on plastic waste

Frustrated with the plastic debris littering the sands, surfer, photographer and designer, Carys Griffiths used to combine her run on Swansea Bay with a litter pick, earning her some funny looks from time to time. She said:

"I used to run on the beach down Swansea Bay and I'd do a litter pick at the same time. Some stuff I'd have to stuff in my bra or hang out of my leggings because I couldn't hold any more in my hands. I'd get some odd looks too but I wondered why aren't other people doing the same?"

The tide of litter along with her desire for something she could wear in the waves that would actually stand up to the surf, inspired the designed to set up Fall Bay Designs one year ago.

Carys makes the swim and surf wear pieces in her own home, and they have an environmentally-friendly twist. They are made from a fabric comprised of recycled fishing nets, plastic bottles and man made fabrics like tulle.

She explained:

"The fabric is super stretchy and really soft on the skin. Nylon production creates an insane amount of CO2 and uses an awful amount of oil, so using econyl fabrics decreases the effect oil-based nylon has on climate change by 80 percent."

Carys Griffiths of Fall Bay Designed with some of her pieces

Carys is already taking orders from all over the UK and abroad and hopes to tap into a new environmental awareness sweeping the fashion world.

"By starting up a business like Fall Bay I'm hoping to reach the fashion conscious who also really care for the environment. I'm hoping that when I become more established I cn start giving money back to charities that concentrate on ocean conservation."

And Carys says Fall Bay Designs has another mission:

"The beach body rubbish you get fed as a woman is just rife. I want women to feel more comfortable in a bikini on the beach and that's one of the aims of Fall Bay"

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