Gower Speed Campaign 'Success'

Protesters delighted with response to home made signs

Campaigners say their weekend protest in Gower has highlighted the need for cars to slow down to protect animals on common land.

The Gower Commons Safety Action Group erected home made signs to warn drivers about their speed after a spate of animal deaths in the area.

The roads passing through Fairwood Common, Pengwern Common and Cefn Bryn are some of the main access routes to the area and are therefore particularly busy.

Over the past six months, an increasing number of collisions with livestock have happened.

A Gower Commons spokesperson said: "Whilst some animal deaths cannot be avoided, it is believed that many are caused by local people having become complacent about the animals on the commons.

"A high number of the accidents occur at speed during busy morning and evening commuting hours.

"Of course, collisions at these times may also be because animals often sleep on or close to the roads at night. Heat radiates from the road surface that has warmed up during the day."

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