Happy St David's Day From Space

British Astronaut Tim Peake has sent a Happy Saint David's Day message down from the International Space Station.

This might just take the biscuit for the best "Happy Saint David's Day" message so far...

Wales has received a personal message from British Astronaut Tim Peake who is currently on board the International Space Station (ISS).

He wished the nation "iechyd da" (good health) from the ISS before hailing the nation as an "important part" of the UK space community.

With the flag of Wales hanging in the background, Major Peake said our country had provided "most of the glass for the solar panels" on the space station.

He became the first British person to walk in space on 15 January and regularly posts photos taken from the station on his twitter account.

He took this photo of Wales a few days ago:

Here's Tim, making us proud to be Welsh with a nod to our very own Saint David from Space!


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